Temp Workforce Management: Why Cloud Migration’s a MUST!


5 Ways Cloud Migration Can Transform Temp Workforce Management for Success


Temp workforce management can be chaotic and it’s easy to get lost in the details of such a fast-moving, high churn environment. Without a solid structure to maintain the constant data flow, critical info can easily be missed.  Consequences can range from mildly inconvenient file duplication to severe legal repercussions.


When it comes to worker visibility, especially in high volumes, you are often at the mercy of your system, and its management capabilities (or lack thereof) can heavily impact cost control, efficiency and compliance.


With disconnected and decentralised processes still widespread (often taking the form of on-site servers, licensed software or even paper-based methods) poor management is causing undue financial losses to blind spots, repetitive/time-consuming workflows and exposure to legal risk.


The Key is in the Cloud 🔑 ➡ ☁️


Upgrading your current process with cloud computing can set a strong precedent for better temp workforce management all around. As the most cost-effective, time-efficient and accessible system resource currently available, it sets you up to implement success right at the source. This means more time managing the bigger picture and less time micromanaging insufficient processes.


So what temp workforce management tools can cloud computing help provide?


1) Time & Attendance 


Time is money and poorly tracked time too often means lost money. In fact, a 2021 ENGAGE survey revealed that 60% of respondents are relying on individual workers to complete their own timesheets, with 20% admitting that they still use the paper method. Consequently, 50% suspect human error within their processes to be causing inaccurate payments.


Transferring your Time & Attendance process to the cloud opens the door for enhanced accuracy and avoidance of overpayments due to error or time fraud.


With industry innovations like geo-location and QR code clock-ins, auto-timesheet generation and smart attendance, cloud-based technology shows endless potential. This means elevating transparency, efficiency and cost control in attendance tracking, paving the way for streamlined processes and increased productivity.


2) Contract Management 📝 


With cloud computing, proximity is no longer a barrier. This means worker info can be instantly shared with your whole supply chain within a single centralised platform. With this, you can achieve increased visibility and transparency.


This is an especially powerful tool in implementing compliant contract management. With smarter processes, contractual parameters can be maintained end-to-end.


3) IR35 SDS (Status Determination Statements) Management 


With IR35 reforms cracking down on compliance, visibility is more important than ever.  Communicating on a centralised cloud-based platform means SDSs and subsequent updates can be shared with your whole labour supply chain. This can be done in real-time regardless of proximity, greatly reducing risk.


With a cloud-based setup, this provides a transparent environment for sharing info across your labour supply chain, instilling end-to-end compliance.


4) Vacancy Requisition👷


Cloud computing is a powerful tool and can instantly streamline vacancy requisition. It can efficiently handle large data flows, sourcing you the right workers ASAP.


With its data storage and sharing capabilities, cloud computing can maintain all your vacancy details. With this, you can swiftly get them to the right recruiters, fast delivering you skilled workers who can get the job done.


5) Right to Work 🇬🇧


With strict new Right to Work regulations, careful compliance is vital post-Brexit. And a competent management system could mean the difference between seamless risk avoidance and serious penalties.


With cloud computing you’ll have more than enough storage to maintain ALL Right to Work documents.  As well as this, you’ll be able to view them on demand, allowing around-the-clock visibility.


This will be essential for tracking updates as they happen, allowing real-time compliance management to avoid unnecessary risk.


Cloud-based Temp Workforce Management: a Fast-track to Success


With cloud computing, temp workforce management has greatly evolved in an incredibly short span of time. With its powerful remote servers, it’s paving the way for limitless productivity, allowing you to fast-track your workflow for success.


In enabling increased accuracy and efficiency on reduced resources, the future of temp worker management is in the cloud. And with its powerful centralised set up, it’s the ideal platform to manage transparency, cost control and compliance.


In keeping your labour supply chain, workforce and data all fully visible and accessible on-demand, you can STOP losing time and money to insufficient/dated systems, let your platform do the leg work and focus on securing success!   


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