Reduce your Risks and Costs with Real-Time Data.

Reduce operational risks and costs with a single cloud-based solution: automated compliance, real-time reporting, and complete cost control.

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Challenging Client Reporting

Poor software solutions prevent vital reporting to clients—especially on large-scale projects. This causes clients to quickly lose trust and can permanently damage important projects and business relationships.

Real-Time Data & Reporting

Keep all your workers’ data on one platform and access all the info you need on-demand. Gain powerful operational data and regularly report back to clients with detailed updates.

High-Level Risks

Collaborating with multiple suppliers without access to critical worker info means severe risk exposure. Without a solid solution, key worker details are easily lost to miscommunication, severely compromising FM & SS companies’ compliance, costs, and reputation.

Automated Compliance

Keep outsourcing simple and transparent: run all processes from just one single platform. Successfully manage ALL risks with on-demand data and automated reports; source the right workers with low risk and high efficiency, and get the job done.

Out of Control Costs

Delivering large scale services without a solid software simply leads to overspend. Without the right solution, it’s impossible to accurately track costs, allowing financial errors/fraud to severely increase your costs and reduce your profitability.

Complete Cost Control

Maintain your margins across your labour supply chain. Keep accurate records of POs, timesheets, and invoices with a transparent digital platform and deliver a top-quality service on minimal spend.

Reduce your risks and costs with total transparency, real-time tracking, and powerful cost control.

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