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Imagine a new way of managing your Client's Workforce

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1. Be Faster

Be able to acquire and retain clients through faster deployments. Stop thinking about months, and start talking about weeks.

2. Do More, With Less

Leverage from automation to increase your spend under management per team member. 

3. Simplify Processes

Keep everything under control! Easily monitor and track spend and compliance across your client’s workforce. Keep track of right-to-work documents, placements, timesheets, attendance, invoices and payments.


Why Choose Us?

4. Surprise your clients

Get access to unmatched data on your clients workforce, and generate exceptional reports that provide valuable insights and drive strategic actions.

5. Get Real Time-Data

Oversee in real-time invoicing, payments, candidates submissions, placements and compliance, to better monitor and manage your client’s labour supply chain. 

6. Beat your Competitors

Offer faster deployment, lower costs, enhanced visibility, superior data and reporting capabilities. Demonstrate the true value you bring to your clients. 

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ENGAGE Neutral Vendor Structure

Adapt to your Client's Needs, We're Here To Make It Happen!

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The ENGAGE Digital Supply Chain Platform is Modular and it can be deployed differently based on your client’s specific needs. With ENGAGE and your services, provide your clients with an exceptional experience that addresses all their workforce management requirements.

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Effortless PSL Changes

Your Client’s PSL is dynamic, so are we. With ENGAGE you can easily adapt your client’s PSL settings to meet any new changes on their Labour Supply Chain.

Manage Your Client's Workforce Like Never Before

With Real-Time Data and Automation

Now I am able to deploy faster and with lower costs give superior reporting to my clients easily audit my client's labour supply chains increase my spend under management per team member replace my legacy software easily keep track of compliance for my clients easily keep track of labour spend for my clients keep track of payments and invoices of suppliers

With Real-Time Data and Automation

Now I am able to know who is on site track worker's hours know how workers 
are engaged and paid
ensure that my 
workforce meets standards
monitor workers 
attendance accurately
have all the data 
I need on my workforce
match automatically 
invoices with timesheets
get rid of paper 
and manual transactions
track costs of my workforce allocate worker's 
time to specific projects

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