Vacancies & Placements

A connected workflow for hirers to source candidates from multiple agencies at once with specified attributes and process them through to a live placement. All necessary details are recorded, ready for payment and relevant parties are kept automatically updated from vacancy beginning to placement end.

This feature works in parallel with IR35 Risk Management (H-Link)

  •  Industry-standard forms

  • Automatic notifications to parties chosen by you

  • Flexibility to edit and adjust details

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Fast track the right candidate to the right placement on ENGAGE.

Insufficient tech is notorious for timeline delays. Too much time on manual admin, not enough on business development.

With ENGAGE, you can automate the process, and source the right workers with the right skills- fast. ENGAGE allows you to collaborate with multiple agencies at once, cutting out inefficiencies and securing results. Increased productivity- reduced time consumption.

Fill your vacancies with efficiency and get back to work – fast!

Innovative collaboration for compliance, cost control and efficiency.

Key benefits


Fill in vacancy/ placement details with accuracy and ease. Cut out delays due to missing info and fill vacancies with increased speed and efficiency.


View vacancies/ placements on-demand for constant visibility. Stay in the loop and one step ahead by ‘following’ placements and receive automatic, real-time updates.


Invite any party to ‘follow’ a vacancy, set specific pay types, and edit as needed; Vacancies & Placements works around YOUR needs, always enhancing, never disrupting your process.