ENGAGE Timesheets allow you to record detailed Time & Attendance data for workers. Labour supply chain parties can ‘follow’ timesheets to receive real-time notifications of changes, updates, and approvals.

The tool is flexible and can accommodate:

  •  Manual OR automated approval

  •  Different rate types

  •  Specific timesheet properties (e.g., fatigue management, shift time records, activity reference)

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Time is money, so track it with transparency on our smart, cloud-based platform.

Inaccurate timesheets mean inaccurate payments: operating Time & Attendance on dated, manual systems instantly risks large financial losses to human error or fraud—not to mention expensive manual admin and ongoing system maintenance. The results: a severely damaged profit margin.

Keep accurate Time & Attendance records on ENGAGE with automated timestamps, notifications of edits and smart prompts. Keep human error and fraud out of your process and pay ONLY for hours worked. Track worker attendance with full transparency and ensure ROI.


Keep Time & Attendance transparent with smart automation, on a single cloud-based platform. 

Record workers’ hours with accuracy, share with transparency and pay precisely with ENGAGE’s smart automated platform.


Key benefits


Record detailed attendance with rate types, activity references and fatigue management. Access on-demand data and receive helpful prompts, maintaining accuracy.


‘Follow’ timesheets to stay in the loop of all updates, changes, and edits as they happen. Easily detect and correct time fraud/human error and actively prevent accidental overpayments.


Get different timesheet formats for easy attendance tracking across multiple sectors. Use clipping features, QR codes and/or geolocation, reducing manual admin and enabling accuracy within any workflow.