A tool displaying key data behind processes in a simple, digestible format. Reports provide insight into modules across the platform including finances, worker records and timelines. Reports are updated according to real-time activity and are downloadable in CSV format.

Available reports include (but are not limited to):

  • PO Reports

  • Margin Reports

  • Advanced Timesheet Reports

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Make data-backed decisions in real-time.

Poor data access means basing your biggest decisions on guesswork; disaster for your process and a threat to project success.

With ENGAGE you can visualise worker data and gain valuable insight into your temporary labour supply chain. This means a transparent base for ALL decision making, removing barriers to success.

Data-driven processes across your labour supply chain

Get quick, detailed insights and take data-backed action every time.

Key benefits


Make data access simple, instant, and intuitive with our real-time, cloud-based platform. It’s also mobile optimised so you can stay in-the-know on-the-go, for constant visibility.


Stay agile with on-demand data access. Enable quick responses to change, maintaining control throughout your labour supply chain. Access data with transparency to keep your strategy flexible and responses precise.


Easily integrate your existing database with ENGAGE’s restful API. Let ENGAGE support your current workflow without interruption, allowing its flexibility to enhance your process- not take it over.