IR35 Risk Management

A tool which assesses IR35 statuses against engagement types for inconsistencies indicating risks. Visual cues based on the analysis are provided, informing users of potential compliance breaches.

The feature provides:

  • Colour coded visual cues highlighting IR35 risks

  • Automation for consistent labour supply chain compliance

  • Actionable descriptions of potential risks

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Be empowered to manage IR35 risks with a powerful automated solution.  


Low visibility systems mean instant IR35 risk exposure: key details are missed, SDSs aren’t upheld, and hidden liabilities quickly build up. The results: severe reputational business damage and heavy legal fines.

Spot and solve risk factors fast on ENGAGE: identify potential compliance conflicts and receive real-time updates with easy visual cues and helpful risk descriptions. Enforce IR35 compliance across your whole labour supply chain and operate risk-free across ALL your processes.

IR35 risk management across your labour supply chain for powerful compliance

Automate risk management: keep ALL engagements compliant and shield yourself against risks.

Key benefits

Automated for Accuracy

Take the risks out of compliance tracking: swap your manual process for automation. Let ENGAGE enforce fool-proof accuracy into your compliance strategy and gain early visibility of risk.

Purpose-built for IR35

Our IR35 Risk Management module is developed specifically with legislation in mind, making it first choice for post-April Off-Payroll tax compliance.

Stay Connected

Keep everyone in your whole labour supply chain connected. Communicate compliance details instantly on the cloud for speedier responses to potential risks and maintain consistent compliance across your workforce.